Monday, April 21, 2008

Who needs hair?

She has just enough to hold the bow in. Just wanted to show you, Nanni-Pan. :)

Just as a follow-up: G-Money is doing TONS better. Grandma called when she heard that he had scarlet fever and was freaking out about it. When she had it 70 years ago she had to be hospitalized for 6 weeks! I'm so thankful for penicillin. The other two are showing NO symptoms yet...I'm checking their temps like a crazy woman, though. Bryan is home for a few days before he leaves for the Men's Retreat this weekend, and I think we might get to go on a date this week sometime. Ahhhhh...that'll be nice.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Momma Called the Doctor, And the Doctor Said

This is a very sick boy.
See the flushed cheeks and the paleness around the mouth?
Combine that with a sore throat, high fever, and a RASH all over his trunk and you've got:

SCARLET FEVER is a disease caused by an exotoxin released by Streptococcus pyogenes. Group A occurs rarely with impetigo or other streptococcal infections. It is characterized by sore throat, fever, a 'strawberry tongue', and a fine sandpaper rash over the upper body that may spread to cover almost the entire body. Scarlet fever is not rheumatic fever, but may progress into that condition. The rate of development of rheumatic fever in individuals with untreated streptococcal infection is estimated to be 3%. The rate of development is far lower in individuals who have received antibiotic treatment. (From Wikipedia)

So, basically it is just a strand of strep throat. would not believe the fear that seized my heart when I heard my sweet pediatrician say in her oh-so-calm, soothing voice, "This looks like a classic case of SCARLET FEVER." I suddenly had flashes before my eyes from childhood remember the ones, don't you? I had visions of all of us contracting this dreaded disease. (We still may...)

Thank you, Wikipedia for this walk down memory lane:

But, I don't want to bore you. :) Here are some things my boy said today:
9:30 AM: "Mommy, maybe we should pray and ask God to make me feel better."
I was convicted immediately. Why hadn't I already done this aloud with him?? So, we prayed and then we went outside to play. (Where the above picture was taken.)

After the drama of the afternoon when his fever spiked and he couldn't stop crying/screaming in pain, and then finally getting him into the doctor at 4:00, he says, "Mommy, I think I want to go to the doctor every day to make me feel better." It's amazing what an extra dose of Tylenol will do. He's convinced that just walking into that office healed him.

Coincidently (?!) we read the story about Jesus raising Jarius' daughter from the dead and his healing of the "very sick woman" (who had been bleeding for 12 years) tonight. It was a great time to talk about His power to heal. Isn't it cool how God did that? G-Money was listening so intently, and I think I cried through the whole story. I could relate so much more to Jarius after today.

Bryan was home for the most critical 3 hours of the day before he had to leave again for the Session retreat. What a blessing that I could go to the doctor with only the one, sick child and not all three of them.

My dear doctor wrote a prescription for all three children. This is highly contagious, so we may all get it. :) Fun, fun. I'm praying against that. Aloud. With my children. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Daddy's Away...

What a week!
Mom, Dad, and Bryan all left me on Monday.
Here is what has happened this week:
  • Hair appointment (baby Caroline came with me). Very relaxing for the Momma.
  • Playdate with friends in their newly-dirt-filled backyard. This was fun for all involved. The boys dug in the dirt, the Mommies chatted and the girls sat in the swings.
  • Weaned the big girl. (WHOO-HOO!!!!!) "Missy Prissy" finally took a bottle last week and began sleeping consistently through the night. (I could blog an entire post on her sleeping habits, but I'll spare you. If you want the dirt, Becky, call me. She has NOT been textbook like my first child.) D-struction has taken to calling her "Missy Prissy". It cracks me up every time I hear it.
  • Brutal virus strikes G-Money and he wakes up with puke in his bed.
  • Pukes again this morning. (but, D-struction claimed it as his own. In his words, "Mommy, I'm sick. I spilled." as he points to G's puke on the floor.)
  • G-Money runs a fever of 99-102 all day long WITH Tylenol and Motrin in his system every 3 hours.
  • It snowed about 5 inches last night. It is April 17 and we have snow on the ground. And, I'm excited about it because it is moisture for my flowers and for the grass!! Things will be greener tomorrow because of it! :) Hooray!!

Bryan comes home tomorrow for a few hours and then leaves again for the Session retreat.

But, you know what? I'm really doing ok. I know God is sustaining me and giving me what I need right now. I've had good times with friends and I know my husband is getting away and being refreshed with other godly men. Praise God for that!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Elloree Grace

There is something so sweet about meeting a newborn. It struck me today when I met my new niece. I walked into the room and there was my dear sister holding this precious little girl and I was just reminded of how amazing life is. God creates these little people and then gives them to us to cherish and grow and teach and love...I got to meet someone for the first time today who is going to be one of the most important people in my sister's life! Her daughter! We don't even know her yet and she is precious to us. We love you, Elloree. We are thankful God gave you to us, sweet girl.
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Baby Girl!!

Elloree Grace Flippin
April 1, 2008
2:24 am
7 lb 9 oz
20 in.

Congrats Aunt Shinny and Uncle Todd!!!!

(pictures to come after I visit today...)