Sunday, March 25, 2007

From the mouth of the three-year-old...

On our way into church this morning, we walked past the choir as they were going upstairs to the sanctuary. G Money said, "Mommy! Where are all those astronauts going?!"

G Money was very proud of his coloring pictures after church today. One was of the cross with a man standing in front of it looking very happy. On the ground beside him was his backpack, like he had been freed from his heavy burden of sin. Well, during lunch we were with a group of friends at T and S's home and someone asked G what he learned in Sunday School. He said, "We learned about Jesus wearing a backpack. When he got to the cross, he laid his heavy burden down!" Close, G Money, but not quite.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Excitement in the Neighborhood

When I stepped outside this afternoon, I thought I smelled someone burning leaves. Being the sister-in-law of a firefighter, I thought that was unusual and possibly even illegal here in our town. I called Hubby on the phone and asked if he had seen anything unusual on his way out of the neighborhood, and he said, "No, but there are a bunch of firetrucks coming this way." I told him I thought they'd be heading to our neighborhood, and I was right. We could see the flames and smoke from our driveway moments later. A house 2 streets over was burning, and our very own Uncle Todd was able to be there. G money and Hubby walked up a little while later to check things out. It was definitely the highlight of their day!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AFA Basketball!!

G Money attended his first college basketball game with his Daddy a few weeks ago. The highlights? Seeing the Falcon up close and drinking lemonade. He also loved his hot dog, the band, the big boy potties, and I'm sure he enjoyed a little of the game...

He actually fell asleep in the car on the way home...I don't know the last time that happened.