Friday, March 21, 2008

Our visit with Nana and Papa

Before Nana and Papa came we made a list of things to do with them during their trip. I've posted them for you to enjoy--we accomplished them all! The kids LOVED having them here (and we did too!) It was such a treat. WE MISS YOU!!!
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1. Visit Air Force Academy

The boys went to the AFA one afternoon while the girls went shopping!
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2. Launch Rockets

Well, thank you Dr. Todd for the rockets for Christmas. We have been dying to shoot them off and decided that we should do it with Nana and Papa. we went to Henry Park on a beautiful day only to find that the park was still covered in snow. We were not deterred.

This was taken after the first launch. He was THRILLED. The picture doesn't do it justice. The second launch sent that rocket all the way to the fence you see in the back. It broke into pieces, but G was still a very happy boy. Once the repairs have been made, I'm sure we'll be out there again.
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3. Hang out at Home

We spent a lot of our time just hanging out at home. Really, we were all just content to BE with Nana and Papa. The kids don't need much, really. The boys had a great time in the snow.

Baby C discovered Dixie...who just loves to be touched by anyone. She is such the mama dog.

Nana and I discovered a RUG on our shopping excursions. You go out looking for curtains and you find an oriental rug--go figure. We brought it home for about 3 hours and then took it back because it was going to BREAK THE BANK. But I love it. I really love it. I just sit and look at the pictures. (It's a lot less stressful way to enjoy an oriental rug with 3 children under 4, really.)

And, we dyed Easter eggs. D-Struction got his hands on almost all of them, and I think only 2 have survived the massacre.
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4. Airplane Restaurant

When you live in a military town, there are all kinds of fun things to eat inside an airplane. This might not have been the place WE would have chosen to eat, but you can't beat the entertainment value for the little guys. They actually "flew" the plane for us, stopping for gas every once in a while. I think they took us to Kansas as well as to South Carolina.

SOLO's...What a hit!
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Monday, March 10, 2008


There were three on the bed

and the little one said, "I'm crowded, move over..."

so they all moved over and---I'm actually impressed she even got one of them all sitting still. They never stopped moving!Today we went to our friend's house so she could grab a shot of Sweet C for my wall. I have pictures of the boys at 7 mo and 9 mo taken outside by my other dear friend (who left me.) (But, she was called by God to where she is, so I can handle it.), Emily got one of my girl to go on the wall. Thank you, Nana, for the dress. It's perfect. Thank you, Emily, for the pictures. They are perfect. All of you here in need to use this girl for your children's pictures. Those studios just can't catch them like this. Don't you just want to eat her up??

9 months already. It sure has flown by!

It's a shame I haven't blogged all month. Sorry to all you regulars. (??) lol. Let's's a re-cap of February for you:
  1. Sold 4-Runner
  2. Bought a '93 Subaru Legacy. It's a great get-around town car that is PAID FOR and gets good gas mileage and is good in the snow and did I mention it is PAID FOR???
  3. Traveled to NJ to see Grandma and Grandpa with Sweet C. I had a great time with Grandma and got to visit Grandpa in the nursing home. (We didn't think he would make it.) Bryan stayed here with the boys and held down the fort.
  4. While I was gone, the "new" car broke down leaving Bryan and boys stranded. Uncle Todd came to the rescue.
  5. Car was taken to the shop, repaired, and is still PAID FOR. (I'm being optimistic, here. We think it's problems are solved.)
  6. Grandpa RALLIED and is doing better!!!
  7. Baby C has mastered crawling and is working on pulling to standing. Her favorite place to practice this is the bottom step.
  8. Baby C cut her first tooth, and then the second as well.
  9. D-struction got CROUP.
  10. D-Struction got an ear infection the same week as the croup.
  11. G-Money has a cough that hurts me.
  12. We all have it now. (Except C)
  13. Bryan and I went on a Young Couples Retreat in the beautiful Wet Mountains. We left the boys with our dear friend, Janet. Baby Girl came with us and was sick the entire weekend. I love baby puke. They just have NO CONTROL over it. sigh.
  14. Nana and Papa arrive TOMORROW!!!! We have been counting down the days for about 2 weeks now. The kids are SO excited, and so are we. Maybe I'll blog while they are here. Maybe. :)