Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Beach

We are here for the week and my kids LOVE it. They are turning into sand fleas. :)
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Friday, July 03, 2009

Uncle Reid's Farm

This was a hands-on learning experience. Getting to feel an egg warm out of the chicken is a rare opportunity for sure. :) They loved it~
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Swimming in SC

After only 2 swimming lessons our boys are so much more confident in the water...that is a picture of DanielMan UNDER water! They learn so fast. We are practicing almost daily right now and they LOVE it. Thank you, Nana, for the lessons!!
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Some of our favorite people...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Claudia! Glad we were able to spend it with you, finally!

Uncle Ray is such a special friend to us...he and G-Money are pen pals. He has been close to our famiy since I was a freshman in high school. We got to eat lunch with he and Aunt Dot and hope to see them again before we leave.

Mrs. Barbara gave G his first haircut, his daddy his first haircut and used to do his Nana's and Great-Grandmother's hair. She is such a sweet, sweet lady and we had such a great time going to her house. DanielMan nick-named her Mrs. Barbeque!

Mr. Don took the boys on the John Deere after we visited with Mrs. Barbara...can't explain how sweet it was to just watch HIS face. The boys had a blast, but I think he really had more fun. After his drive, DanielMan said, "Mom, I think this grass is great for TOES!" He took off his shoes and ran and ran and ran...
Aunt Louise is so dear to us. We've been able to spend some great time with her and look forward to more time with her before we leave.
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Father's Day and Cousin time

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More Cousin Time

2 baby girls to add to the madness...#9 and #10 grandkids. Due to arrive late this month~

There is comedy in this shirt...poor kid can't even have milk.

These boys became fast friends--there was some tension in their relationship before, but they duked it out with the water shooters. The other day D asked if O was going to be at the pool and I said "yes." He then said, "OH GOOD! G-Money, you are going to LOVE him. He is a funny guy and he is my cousin." Pause. G-Money: "He's my cousin, too."
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Transportation Museum

G-Money's favorite: The Big Boy--a Union Pacific Steam Engine
a snowblower train

DanielMan's favorite: The BN! Why? It's green, of course. :)
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A morning in St. Louis...

Need I say more?? Some of his favorite trains were at this place and he got to see them up close. It was a great morning!
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