Friday, February 23, 2007

Heavy D's Verbal Skills

Heavy D's "excited face"

G Money's PBJ art (aren't you impressed, Pops?)

Last night, as I was getting the kids dinner ready, I heard this little voice from the high chair say, "Pipa!" "Pipa!" Very emphatically, I might add. Who told him we were having pizza?

Today, as I walked into Target pushing Heavy D in the cart, G Money riding on the back, and baby girl making her ever-growing presence known, Heavy D starts saying "cookie!" "cookie!" over and what do I do? I steer RIGHT FOR the bakery to get both of them cookies. I never thought I'd be that desperate--I was so into feeding them healthy, a cookie before lunch would have never crossed my mind. Not anymore. My theory is keep 'em happy for as long as possible in public places.

On the way home from Target, I hear "ta-duck" from the back seat. He already knows what a trash truck is and has been instructed in their purposes by his big brother.

While I was at Target, I found something VERY EXCITING. (at least, for me.) I have this secret love of Cadbury creme eggs...I used to buy them up after Easter and stick them in the freezer to have for months on end. Pretty sick, I know. Hubby can't stand them, so they are all mine. :) Well, today I found MINI Cadbury Creme Eggs--you can buy them by the dozen! And they are so cute and little that you don't feel guilty at all about eating 2 in a row. :) Yum.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

G Money is THREE!!

We celebrated G Money's 3rd Birthday on Monday, complete with airplane cake and balloons. He had such a great time. I learned a lot about planning a three year old birthday party from a friend of mine last October. She has 5 kids and knows what she is doing. SO, I totally copied her...(thanks, Karyn!) The party started at one, ended at two and consisted of cake, presents, and playing outside. Thankfully, it was the first pretty day we have had in a LONG time, so the three little boys had a great time riding cars in the driveway. LOW KEY is the way to go!!

We had been telling him that after he blew out the candles he could eat his cake. SO, once they were finally blown out, he leaned down and took a bite! I think that's a fun tradition we might have to start.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This week...the unexpected guest

I posted on the Baker family site that we were hit with the stomach bug this week. Hubby and I were sick on Monday (isn't it against some law of nature for BOTH parents to have the stomach bug on the same day? Especially when there are no grandparents in town...) and he wasn't fully better until Thursday. Mine seemed to just last for 24 hours, and thankfully, that's what got passed on to the boys.

G Money woke up on Thursday morning and I went into his room and said, "Oh, HOney, what happened?" He said, "Look Mommy, I puked in my bed!"
"G, you need to tell me when this happens next time." I said, wondering how long the puke had been there.
He said, "I was just telling Yellow Bear about it."


I thought it was all over with until I woke up this morning to the smell of vomit in my house. (YES, the ENTIRE house smelled.) I found HEavy D smiling in his bed SURROUNDED by the stuff. It was awful---he won the award for the smelliest and the largest quantity.


Dog joined Yellow Bear in the wash. They both needed it, I'm sure.