Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here we are in Annapolis visiting our dear friends. "Mr. Stuff" was ordained today and Bryan had a chance to preach. It was so special to be here for that service! The Prego Photographer is looking GREAT and ready to have baby AK now that the ordination is over. :) She's not letting that belly get in the way of her skills, though.
It's so good to be with sweet friends.Grace is still in love with G Money.
The ice cream truck showed up again this year. What a hit!!
Oh, we love this baby girl.

Don't worry, we didn't forget about D-struction. He's here with us, we just haven't gotten a shot of him yet. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caroline's Baptism

Our Baby Girl was baptized the Sunday we got back from vacation--Oct. 14. It was a very sweet time. "Pastor Duck", as the boys call him, baptized her. He is a great friend and co-worker to Bryan, so it was special for us to have him.

The dress she is wearing was made out of my mother's wedding dress! Mom cut it apart back in 1976 to make my christening gown, and now Caroline gets to wear it. Unfortunately, her head is already to big for the cute bonnet that goes with it. :)

I'm really trying to catch up here...maybe I'll get vacation pictures posted before we leave town tomorrow. ;) ha ha ha ha!!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're home...but we're leaving again.

So, I've been wanting to post some pictures from vacation ever since we got home two weeks ago, but it hasn't happened. And then, I wanted to post pictures of Baby C's baptism, but that hasn't happened. And now I have some more pictures from our FIRST SNOW, but that hasn't happened either. Someone told me before I had #3 that I was just going to have to lower my expectations. You can lower your expectations for this silly blog, if you want. :) It just isn't happening like I want it to. But, I'm really ok with that. I'm not aspiring to be a "super woman blogger" like some of the blogs I read. (wink, wink. you know who I'm referring to, don't you?)

SO, here are the 17 of us at the BAKER LAKER. We had a blast--it was just good to be together.

And, here are the 14 of us at the beach with the Counts side. I had a great birthday --playing in the sand with my kids, eating at my favorite restaurant and opening presents from Talbots. FUN.

Hopefully I'll post more later. For now, we're back to the east coast to see this friend. :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!