Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lil Miss Fatty

I took Caroline to the doctor and asked if I could just stick her on the scale with her clothes on--I just wanted to get in and out, you know? We have a pretty small practice and I just adore my pediatrician. Well, little Miss Priss weighed 10.7 with her clothes on last Monday. That means she gained about 3 1/2 pounds in about 3 weeks. The proof is in the fat rolls:

Hard to believe G money was a few ounces smaller than this when he was born...

And Heavy D?

I just love fat babies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Caroline's first bath--she LOVED the water.

We went to the CIRCUS last weekend! Remind me next time that the circus is not the place to take a 2 week old baby...I don't know what I was thinking. If you really want to know where I fed Caroline, ask me later. I won't blog about it. :)

Heavy D and G Money are having a great time with Nana and Papa. Heavy D found himself a comfy seat so he could watch his favorite show.

Things G Money likes right now:
1. Thomas the train.
2. Asking "WHY?"
3. Practicing writing his letters and putting them together to make words. "Mommy, how do I write ELMO?" etc...
4. Playing in the baby pool and dumping cold water on his brother.

Things Heavy D likes right now:
1. Eating. Preferably chicken nuggets and french fries, but we did catch him DRINKING the ranch dressing at Red Robin the other day.
2. Getting his way. He is so delightful when he gets exactly what he wants!
3. Making car noises. And any other kind of noise, really.
4. Talking. The nurse at his 18 month check up asked if he could say at least 8 words.

Things Caroline likes right now:
1. Sleeping
2. Nursing
3. Snuggling
4. Did I mention nursing?

Things Daddy likes right now:
1. Sleeping in...(?)
2. Cutting the grass.
3. Boiling peanuts on the back porch.
4. Building elaborate Thomas the train tracks for his boys.

Things Mommy likes right now:
1. Sleep--3 hours at a time would be nice.
2. Daddy time.
3. Someone bringing us a meal...I have been SPOILED!!
4. Those Liz Curtis Higgs books that Ginia got for me. OH, I'm so hooked.
5. Catching up with friends--an uninterrupted phone conversation is so nice.
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Some "older" pictures

The boys meeting their sister...(they love her--Heavy D especially loves her toes.)

Caroline's hair--there is some red there, Caudy and Canadian Aunt Nancy. I'd love for my girl to be a red head!

Balloons from Samantha and Christina at the hospital.

She is growing!! Look at the double chin already...she gained 2 lbs in two weeks. Her weight last Friday was 8 lb. 7oz!
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