Friday, December 22, 2006

Some thoughts on Christmas Cards

Well, my Christmas cards are addressed, stamped and (almost) sealed. They have been written for weeks, the pictures have been printed for weeks, and yet...they are not finished. I wish I could use the excuse that the BLIZZARD closed the post office for two days (which it did), but I can't. I just have too much going on. I think next year I'm not even going to try to get these things out before Christmas. Plan on it being a New Year's letter. My mom used to do Valentine's Day letters. Now that's a thought...

Things I have gotten accomplished?
Well, I'm done baking (except for Granny's fruitcake--yum), the gifts are bought and wrapped (except for just a couple) and all our decorations are up (except the cute stockings mom made--I'm still waiting on my stocking hangers to be shipped.) And I've been able to spend LOTS of time with my children, which is always fun. G Money helped decorate cookies this week and Heavy D is teaching himself how to walk (he doesn't need my help, after all. :)) I'm really excited about just having a quiet Christmas here in snowy CO. I've never had a white Christmas before...kind of fun.

And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting your cards (ha, ha, ha), here is a preview of the picture and hopefully you'll get it sometime next week.