Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Sister!

She arrived TODAY at 2:02 pm...after HOURS AND HOURS of labor for her momma. BUT, her momma is a CHAMP and my hero. Shinny, this new little one is so precious...what a gift God has given her in giving you to be her mother.
He is proud. I asked him, "JG, do you remmeber your sister's name?" He said, "Daddy knows her." in the next breath, "Mommy feels better now." He is so sweet. and seems so much bigger all of a sudden.
And this one? She still may be the only one with her momma's blue eyes. We shall see, but NM's eyes do seem dark!! :)


Drew and Suzy said...

YAAAAY!!! What a precious little one! I was just wondering yesterday if there was a baby in the Flippin house yet. Thanks for sharing the news! :)

Molly said...

I am tired of the mystery, Baker girls. GIVE ME A NAME!!!!

She is beautiful, by the way, thanks for posting some pictures!

Kelly said...

Erika...yay!!! Congrats on the addition to your beautiful family!! Thanks for posting it and your sweet comments about S and JG (that's the kind of thing that S needs to write down to remember)! :)

The Adventure said...

Beautiful pictures!